Christmas Carols for Runners

Christmas is right around the corner, and I know that everyone is busy buying last minute gifts, wrapping presents, baking cookies, or just trying to fit in a run or workout.  I thought this article was funny and a good distraction from all of the chaos this week.  I think some of these carols are better than the original ones!  The Twelve Days of Christmas is my favorite.  

I hope everyone stays as relaxed as possible this week.  Even though you feel like you may be to busy for a run or workout, it sometimes is the best thing to get you motivated to tackle all of the crazy tasks you have to do.  I find even when I have a really busy day ahead, waking up just a little bit earlier to squeeze in my run always makes me feel better and I am always more productive. 

Why not sing a few carols on your run!  ;-)  That will surely get you and everyone around you in the christmas spirit!

frosty 158871 o Christmas Carols for Runners
With Christmas just around the corner, you’ve undoubtedly been inundated with holiday songs just about everywhere you go (in some stores, it’s been since August). And if you listen closely enough, the funny thing is some of your favorite winter classics have perfect parallels to running, like this one: Frosty the Snowman Frosty the snowmanKnew the sun was hot that daySo he saidLet’s run and we’ll have some funNow before I melt away

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Race Recap- Thanksgiving Day Half Marathon

Hey Strong Striders!  

For Thanksgiving this year, I had my family and friend Abby come down to visit me in Atlanta instead of me coming home.  For those of you that don’t know, I am living in Atlanta with my fiance Ty.  He plays hockey here for the Atlanta Gladiators so we are here for the season.  Anyway, he had a lot of home games so it worked out for everyone to come down.  

We usually run the YMCA Turkey Trot in Pittsburgh, they have a 5k and 5 mile race, each year.  So I went to the local running store here, Big Peach Running Co, and asked them if they knew about any turkey trots in Atlanta.  Much to my surprise, they told me about a half marathon that is run on thanksgiving morning here.  I was so excited to have found not only a turkey trot, but a half marathon, that we all could do!

The race Started and Finished at Turner Field.  The course took us on a tour of downtown and midtown and even went though Piedmont Park.  It was so fun to explore the city on foot.  Having never run in this part of Atlanta, I was not sure what to expect elevation wise.  I was hoping that it was going to be relatively flat, but it was very far from that.  It was rolling hills for the whole 13.1 mile course.  I ran with my friend Abby, we kept saying to each other after each hill, “that has to be the last one”, but we were never right, they just kept coming and coming.  

The temperature was perfect, it was a perfect sunny day, and I actually got my PR which is 1:41:20.  Neither Abby or I really had a specific goal in mind, so I was pleasantly surprised when we were able to keep going with the fast pace that we were running, especially with all of the hills.  

Below is a screenshot of my Garmin Connect App that shows the course that we ran and the areas that we ran though.  Piedmont Park was my favorite part of the course, it was also the halfway point.

img3451 156806 o Race Recap  Thanksgiving Day Half Marathon

This a picture of all of us right after we finished.  The race gave everyone a very nice medal and an Atlanta Track Club jacket at the end.  That is why we are matching!

img3442 156803 o Race Recap  Thanksgiving Day Half Marathon

This was my favorite Thanksgiving so far.  The race was so amazing and such a great experience.  We had a great thanksgiving meal at Abby’s hotel in Buckhead, Atlanta.  And then we all got to go see Ty’s hockey game that night.  

I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving also!  Did anyone run a turkey trot?  Or just go out for a run on their own? Or a workout inside?  Let me know in the comments below!  

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