Why should we workout?

We all know that we should exercise.  Sometimes I feel that we don’t really understand exactly why we should other then it is good for us and helps us lose weight.  Losing weight and looking good is probably everyones main focus, but there are so many other health benefits of working out.  I have linked 3 different articles below that all have really great information and reasons why we should workout.

elitedailystudiogirmaexercises 169889 o Why should we workout?
Bikini season isn’t the only reason to hit the gym.
56a038db2a00006e00030f4b 169888 o Why should we workout?
Lace up those sneakers!
140723womanfitnessstock 169887 o Why should we workout?
Because research shows that to stick with exercise, you need a better reason than ‘I want to lose weight.’

Here is a fully parody to Adele’s song Hello.  It is all about cravings and working out.  It is pretty funny.  I enjoyed it so I figured I would share it with you.  Happy Monday!

Adele – Hello Parody (Hella Cravings) – YouTube

Funny video about food cravings and exercise by Dustin & Genevieve

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img3436 170491 o ARE YOU A RUNNING FAMILY???


I just came across the article below, “The 10 Signs You Are a Running Family”.  I couldn’t believe how true it is, all the 10 signs apply to our family.  

1) Laundry – The laundry is truly amazing, especially in the warmer months.  All the clothes look like they have already been in the washing machine.

2) Excess Shoes – The excess of shoes is crazy.  Having four runners in the family, you can’t believe all of the shoes.  I have yet to find a way to organize them.  They are stacked in every closet.  

3) Community Support – The community support is great.  Our local running store, Fleet Feet Sports, Pittsburgh is the best.  Bob Shooer, the owner, couldn’t be more dedicated. He supports the whole running community. He sponsors numerous running events and created a very large group of runners that meets regularly on Sundays to run designated routes through our city.  

4) Holidays & Birthday Gifts – Last Mother’s Day, I received a new running watch!  I wish it would give me better times, but unfortunately, it is accurate.

5) House Records – We all have our race records in our house.  We have a whole room dedicated to our races.

6) Photos – Yes, almost all of our family group photos are of us in running attire.  It is hard to believe, but it is true.

7) Race Times – Race times are also easily remembered.

8) Insane Costs – Insane costs also apply, but showers are very important.

9) Trips – Can’t tell you how many trips are planned around races.  This is really a true sign that you are a running family.  In April, we are going to London to run the London marathon.

10) Nicknames for Runs – We have always had nicknames for runs.  The run to our local mall is referred to as the Gal Run.  We have the Golf Course run.  On vacation in Hilton Head, we have the Harby Run. Most all runs end at a coffee shop which is always great.

Are you a running family?  How many of the 10 signs apply to your family.



The 10 Signs you are a Running Family

10915327824ca89ff24d6o 170239 o ARE YOU A RUNNING FAMILY???
The family that runs together stays together.

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Strong Stride Ab Workout

Strong Stride Ab Workout – YouTube

5 moves- 20 reps- 3 sets. 100 reps in each set, 300 reps total! #getyourstrongstride

Today we are going to do an ab workout.  This workout has 5 different moves and we are going to do 20 reps of each.  That means that each set will have 100 reps.  The goal is to do a total of 3 sets, 300 reps! But if you are just starting out and new to working out 1 set is a great place to start, and then you can slowly work up to doing 2 and then 3 sets.  

Here are your 5 moves:

1.) Crunch- 20 reps 

This is just a basic crunch.  Feet flat on the floor, hands behind your head.  As you crunch up lift high, straight up to the ceiling, keeping you chin off your chest and lifting your upper back up off the floor. Also as you are crunching up, make sure to drive your lower back into the floor, which will really target you abs. As you lower down, make sure to still keep your lower back in contact with the floor.  

2.) Bicycle- 20 reps (10 each side)

Laying on your back with feet lifted in table top position and hands behind your head.  Crunch up and twist across your body bringing your right elbow to left knee, while extending the right leg straight out and then come back to the starting position and the switch sides.

3.) Extended bicycle- 20 reps (10 each side)

Very similar to the regular bicycle, but for this one your legs are straight. Alternating legs, bringing your knee to opposite elbow.

4.) Leg lower and lift- hip lift- 20 reps

Laying on your back with your legs straight up in the air.  Hands can be under your hips or down by your sides.  Lower the legs down only as low as you can while still keeping your lowering back on the floor.  (It is ok if you can’t lower very far, it is better to keep the proper form so you are actually working your core and not using momentum.) Lift the legs up to the starting position and then lift your hips up slightly crunching in your lower abs.  Make sure you keep this move very slow and controlled.

5.) Turtles- 20 reps (10 each side)

Laying with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor and arms down by your sides.  Crunch your upper body up.  From there alternate reaching your right hand down to your right foot, crunching on the right side of your body and then crunching on the left side.


I hope you like this workout.  Remember don’t have to do all 3 sets at first, you can start with just 1 and work your way up to the full workout.  Let me know in the comments section below how you liked the workout.  You can also post a picture of you doing the workout to facebook, twitter, and instagram using the hashtag, #getyourstrongstride to be featured on our websites homepage. 



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Invest in your Chest! Best Sports Bras for Big Boobs

My battle of the boob bulge began at a soccer tournament when I was in fifth grade. Our traveling soccer team was going the distance at an out of town, over night tournament that had us kids staying with our teammates in dorm rooms. It was by far the highlight of the season, if not the entire summer. I had packed multiple sports bras but was reluctant to wear any other then my favorite. The one that held me in the tightest and most secure. I wore that same bra for all 5 games over those three days…. and we won it all baby!!

My appreciation for and dependence on a superior sports bra continues to this day.

I have always had a larger then average bust for someone of my general size. From the days of fifth grade to my high school days, onto college, and through pregnancy and breastfeeding, my boobs have always been bigger then most. I know this because I have not particularly enjoyed it. In high school and college I would wear 2 sports bras at a time. It was quite the process… The first layer bra I wore smaller (S or M because I am little around (in the band size) and needed the band to be tight. Next, I cut the straps at the top of the shoulder and then would hand sew them back together achieving a shorter tighter fitting strap. The top layer bra I wore slightly larger (M or L) so that there would be adequate fabric to cover me up completely. The top layer would get the cut and resewn treatment but not quite as tight as the bottom layer) This ridiculousness got the job done! The process wasn’t pretty and the product wasn’t pretty, but where there’s a will there’s a way, and I kept my boobs under control. The less they moved the faster I ran, the better I played, and the more confident I felt about myself.

The way your bra fits you matters!
Go to a professional!
Get measured!
and repeat once a year!

Here are the basics:
1) The band needs to be tight enough !!
This is the number one problem women are having with getting their size right! (if you wear a 34D, this would be the 34 portion of your size) The most common error is that woman aren’t wearing the band tight enough around. although it seems counter-intuitive, the tighter your band fits (without being too tight obviously) the less pressure you will have through the shoulder straps trying to hold you up!

2) Your entire boob has to fit in the cup without any free space or oozing anywhere !!
This is the number 2 problem woman have. (this would be the D portion of your 34D) It is a result of problemo uno. Woman tend to compensate with cup size because their band size is messed up. For example, if you realize through professional fitting that your band size needs to go from a 34 to a 32, you will probably find that you will go from having too much free space through your cup to oozing out of the sides and top of your cup. Cups need to be adjusted according to CORRECT band size. Your true cup size depends on your band size fitting correctly. Under the armpit boob ooze, upper boob ooze (both equally enjoyable and attractive), and free space within your cup should be your red flags that you are wearing the wrong size bra

3) Adjustable straps!!
Achieving a tight enough fit through the shoulder is crucial. As mentioned, an ill fitting band will result in having to pull those babies up from the top. This results in those god awful shoulder divots your moms, aunts, and grandma’s have! However, some manufactures or styles that don’t have adjustable straps work okay for people (these tend to be smaller busted women). If you are a D cup or above adjustable straps is an absolute MUST.

4) Adjustable band!!
This separates the girls from the big girls. An adjustable band is crucial in preventing chaffing. The main source of support comes from the band. Ensuring first and foremost it is tight enough is of top priority (see point 1). Having the added benefit of adjusting this fit is ideal because throughout the course of the month you may need a little extra space or a little less space on some days. Bras designed with an adjustable band are typically of a higher overall quality and indicative of a maximum support bra.

So…to the fellow ladies fighting the battle of the boob bulge, INVEST IN YOUR CHEST! It’s not gonna be cheap but your girls will thank you!!

All the leg work is done. Get a professional fitting from a bra specialist and learn your size (see video link and professional fit resource links below), Then get a sports bra that will be well-worth it.

All of the bras listed below meet the criteria and are the best money can buy!

mariejolingerieunderwiredbraactionarrow0150011blac 170191 o Invest in your Chest!  Best Sports Bras for Big Boobs

A black underwired bra from Marie Jo’s ACTION series

All Action bras provide three times the support of a regular bra. The fast-drying tulle has a fine texture that wicks away perspiration immediately. This wire bra has a seamless cup. It is preformed, but without padding The result is improved support and gorgeous round breasts. Smooth look. Creates an attractive naturally rounded shape. Lifts your breasts slightly while holding them firmly in place during your workout
panachesportwiredsportsbra5021brief7342blackanimal 170192 o Invest in your Chest!  Best Sports Bras for Big Boobs

Panache Lingerie | Sports Bra – Sports Bra

The multi award winning Panache Sports Bra doesn’t just reduce bounce from your workout, it also adds a touch of style to it in new Spring/Summer ’16 colours! The super smooth shape with flat seams looks great under any sportswear. The wide padded straps and silicone wrapped wires add that extra level of comfort as well as support. Available from B-J Cup. Check out our Science page for the full features.
55190010125 170194 o Invest in your Chest!  Best Sports Bras for Big Boobs

Maximum Support – Momentum UNDERWIRE Sports Bra – Products | Anita – Since 1886

Pure femininity. “Momentum underwire” high impact sports bra is the perfect companion, both during the day and at the gym. Underwires provide extra support and feature a flattering, low-cut neckline to create a round, feminine bust shape. The seamlessly pre-shaped cups are made of metallically shimmering, high-tech fabric. The underwires have an innovative, ergonomic shaping effect that effectively combines perfect comfort and support. Femininity merged with high-tech design.
Sports: Running, Riding, High Impact Sports
Available from A- G cups
55290010225 170195 o Invest in your Chest!  Best Sports Bras for Big Boobs

Maximum Support – Momentum Sports Bra | Anita – Since 1886

* Inner lining of hydrophilic toweling * High-cut panel provides extra strong support * Anita active momentum with red dot award! * Fabric designed for fast moisture absorption and release * The wide, seni-elastic support straps are padded throughout and adjustable at the back. Seamlessly pre-shaped cups provide perfect support through to large sizes. The metallically shimmering, highly functional fabric has an energetic sheen and boosts your motivation. A perfected, inspiring sports bra that spurs you on to achieve your top performance. Availible from A-G cups
image 170197 o Invest in your Chest!  Best Sports Bras for Big Boobs

Women’s Armour Bra® 2.0 – D Cup | Under Armour US

Compression: Ultra-tight, second skin fit.
Ultra-soft, sturdy fabric feels smooth & comfortable against your skin
Next generation power sling construction cradles for superior support that stays put
Straps built with UA’s SuperStretch technology that eliminates digging
Strategic mesh panels in the front & back for enhanced breathability
Bonded seam-free construction helps eliminate painful rubbing & chafing
Removable, molded cups deliver modesty, support& a smoother, more streamlined silhouette
Fully open back with soft gel hook & eye closure
thesportsbra2 170205 o Invest in your Chest!  Best Sports Bras for Big Boobs

Invention and History of the Sports Bra – How sports bras helped transform women’s approach to sport – BBC Sport

Why two jock straps sewn together led to the revolutionary sports bra becoming indispensable to women athletes.

Sports Bra Best Fit Guide – YouTube

Learn how to find the correct sports bra for you.

nordstrom 170199 o Invest in your Chest!  Best Sports Bras for Big Boobs

Nordstrom | Bra Fitting Specialists In-Store

A poor-fitting bra is not only uncomfortable—it’s unflattering and can harm your breast tissue over time. To ensure you always get the perfect fit, we provide Certified Fit Specialists in the Lingerie department of all Nordstrom stores. No appointment is necessary for this complimentary service.
rigbypeller 170201 o Invest in your Chest!  Best Sports Bras for Big Boobs

Rigby & Peller | Lingerie Styling Reservations |

Feeling great in your bra every day starts with finding you the perfect fit, shape and style. When you make a complimentary appointment with one of our Lingerie Stylist, you’ll be styled by a trained professional to ensure you always feel beautiful, comfortable, supported and confident.

There’s a perfect fit for every body – come and find yours today!

Reservations are not required, but are available for your convenience through our booking tool.

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