Strong Stride Fit Grip Combo Workout

Strong Stride Fit Grip Combo Workout – YouTube

10 moves-10 reps of each move

The Friday Fit Grip Combo workout is here!  We are going to do 10 moves and repeat them 10 times each.  Repeat this circuit between 2 to 4 times for a total of 3-5 sets.  Watch the video above to see the whole set and a demonstration of each move. 



1. Curtsy lunge- side raise- leg abduction

2. Other side

3. Back lunge- bicep curl- knee lift

4. Other side

5. Hands and knees- opposite arm and leg- knee to elbow and press out

6. Other side

7. Plank row- jump in and out

8. Plank row other side- jump out and in


REMEMBER to let us know what you think of this workout using the hashtag #getyourstrongstride on Facebook and Twitter.  

See you back here next Friday for a NEW WORKOUT!







fitgrip141eebb246c02416f8492e9b419a637a21024x1024 183896 o Strong Stride Fit Grip Combo Workout

Two FitGrips – Strong Stride

The FitGrip measures 6.63 inches in length and is made of a semi rigid, impact resistant polymer. It features two ultra-strong paracord loops are designed to fit over each end of your chosen hand weight, and a welded D-ring to connect the Strong Stride Resistance Bands.
Price: $34.99
bandforfitgripbaa9bf0011df4285b9e0378fa15e9f8e1024 183897 o Strong Stride Fit Grip Combo Workout

Strong Stride Resistance Bands

The Strong Stride Resistance Bands range in weight from 4 lbs – 75 lbs. The bands can be used together at one time to create multiple levels of resistance. The bands feature a metal clipping system for attaching to the FitGrip. The Strong Stride Resistance Bands also includes a door anchor, carrying bag, two ankle strap, and two soft foam handles.
Price: $29.99
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FitGrip Introductory Pack – Strong Stride

The FitGrip Introductory Pack includes everything you need to start using your FitGrip.
Price: $59.99

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Running on the Treadmill vs Outside

I feel like this is a common conversation between runners.  And honestly I feel like it has very mixed answers.  Everyone runner is different.  Some people love to explore the outdoors and make different, exciting loops, this is the category that I fall into. I love to enjoy the fresh air and think it is so fun to explore different areas on foot.  Some people love to be in a gym.  The weather is never an issue you just set your pace and go for it.  It is a lot more mindless, you don’t need to stop at intersections and watch for cars.  

Here are my PROs and CONS of running on the treadmill:


  • weather is never a problem
  • you can set your pace and you know exactly what pace you are running the whole time
  • easier to do repeat/interval workouts
  • you can watch tv


  • no wind/air resistance
  • mainly flat 
  • not very exciting

Here are my PROS and CONS of running outside:


  • fun to explore
  • can change your route/loop all the time
  • variety in terrain- flat/downhill/uphill
  • you can change your pace based on how you naturally feel
  • you can run with people if you would like


  • the weather 
  • you need to pay attention to your surroundings
  • crossing the street- you normally need to stop
  • the terrain can be challenging 

I feel that you should do whichever you like the best, if you are comfortable you will be able to challenge yourself and get a great workout.  

Running outside vs Treadmill – YouTube

Most people are looking for ways to lose weight or gain muscle, one of the easiest ways of doing that is by running. But is it better to run outside or on a …

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Strong Stride Fit Grip Shoulder Circuit

Strong Stride Fit Grip Shoulder Circuit – YouTube

5 shoulder moves all using the FIT GRIP

HAPPY FRIDAY! Here is a great workout that will help tone and sculpt your shoulders and get you ready for all of your summer tank tops!

There are 5 different moves, 10 reps of each move. repeat 2 more times for a total of 3 sets.  You can always add more reps or do more sets to make this workout even more challenging!

Here are the moves- watch the video above for a demo and instructions on how to do each move:

1. Mac raise

2. Pacman 

3. Pressback

4. Squat- Shoulder press

5. Close and open

Let us know what you think of the workout and share it with your friends using the hashtag #getyourstrongstride!  And remember the Fit Grip is available on our website 

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The Benefits of Having a Workout Buddy

If you are anything like me, sometimes it is very hard to motivate yourself to go workout.  It is a constant battle in my head everyday.  If you are tired or sore it is very easy to put it off.  Sometimes you do need the rest, but other times it is a lack of motivation.  I have found that it really helps to have a workout buddy.  This can mean just a friend that you go running with.  It can also be a running group or workout class.  Both of these help because you need to actually make a plan with that person or group of people.  You set a certain time and place you are going to meet which makes you feel like you would be letting them down if you didn’t show up.  

I have a really great friend that I love going running with and I also love running with my dad.  On Sundays I go to the Fleet Feet Flyers group runs here in Pittsburgh, where there are over 100 people to run with at all different paces.  It is so fun to meet new people there and it is a great way to get your long run in.  They meet at different places downtown each week and they provide you a map that tells you exactly were to go. They also offer a half marathon and marathon training program in January of every year to helps you train for the Pittsburgh Marathon in May. I would highly recommend it if you are looking for some running motivation.


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Researchers used some tricky methods to determine how much motivation working with a partner – especially a partner who’s always better than you – can provide in your aerobic workouts.

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