Motivational Monday

Happy Monday!  Mondays are a great day to start fresh after the weekend.  It is a great day to set a weekly goal that you can challenge yourself to accomplishing every day.  It can be a simple as  trying to take a certain amount of steps each day.  Just make sure you make it specific and realistic, that way it is actually achievable.  If your goal is to broad, for example, “I am going to be healthier this week.”  You will never be able to know if you accomplished it.  Make it a little more specific, for example “I am going to eat a healthy and nutritious breakfast every day this week.”

I know it is easy to stay motivated on Monday but usually by Wednesday or Thursday, we start to forget about our goals, especially when our goals are to large and unachievable.  My goal for you is that you set a very realistic goal each week and then every Monday set another goal while still trying to keep your goals from the weeks before.  Focusing on small healthy goals!  


Here are some of my tips to help you stay motivated and healthy everyday.

1. Think about your healthy goal as soon as you wake up

2. Remember how good you feel at the end of the day when you actually accomplish your goal

3. No excuses.  I know it is so easy to say you are to busy to fit in a workout or take the time to go to the grocery store to prepare a healthy meal.  But both of these things are key to success.  Everyone has 30 minutes to workout!

4. Stay hydrated.  I know this sounds crazy, but staying hydrated helps you feel good, helps get you through your workouts, and helps you flush out your body.  This might be a good weekly goal to set.  An example goal would be, “I am going to drink 40oz of water every day this week.” Not just, “I am going to drink more water.” See the difference!

5. Write your goal down.  I know this sounds pointless, but writing it down makes it more official.  Maybe write it on your refrigerator, that way you will constantly see it and be reminded to work towards it everyday.



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